41 thoughts on “Those ghastly ghastly ghastly :) Friends+Me shortlinks have been replaced with goo.gl shortener URLs.

  1. Love it! Thanks!

    Next feature request: Use . ? ! as end-of-tweet characters for republishing from Google+ to Twitter. Even better: Use the appearance of a second asterisk, for those of us who like to put headlines on our Google+ posts using bolded text.


  2. In other words, what I’m looking for is a way to use what I write on Google+ to control what appears on Twitter, and do it in a way thats invisible to the people following me on G+.


  3. Chris Pilgrim I’ve checked it and it looks like some weird glitch in our shortener code and we’re unable to simulate this unfortunate situation. Thank you for reporting this but for now we’ll have to wait for another appearance and hopefully will dig out some more info.


  4. It would be great if there were some indication on Facebook posts that something was a re-share and that the text was not my own. Don’t necessarily want to include original link just to indicate the words weren’t me. Great stuff otherwise!


  5. Casey Artner more people wants that feature. I guess I can extend “—” separator to empty_new_line+”— Reshared post from USER NAME”. What do you think?


  6. Just a “bug” report for Friends+Me  – when you share a photo to twitter, the photo is horribly distorted on the twitter “view photo” link, but displays properly when you link back to the google+ page.


  7. Christopher Carr oh I see, actually you can disable this backlink by disabling “Always append a link to original Google+ activity” for your Facebook account.


  8. Alois Bělaška I rebooted my FB account nearly a year ago — now just meat-space acquaintances, real friends, and family. Thanks to you, they are all (selectively) now subjected to my nerdy G+ activity. Tehehe 🙂  … perhaps they would not care to thank you, but yours is now the best way to pipe stuff G+ –> Twitter, FB. 

    This Friends+Me endeavor will look good on a future resume, I’m pretty sure.


  9. Cool.

    I had the same itch — but I just don’t have all the requisite knowledge and skills; would have taken me a year to figure out everything you’ve done in the last week. 🙂


  10. Christopher Carr yes this is a Facebook thing 🙂 For months I am trying to figure out why this happens, so far no luck. Maybe curse less 😀


  11. “Maybe curse less”

    They are flagging “ass,” apparently. Which is…well, pretty damn ridiculous. 

    Just another thing to add to my list of why FB sucks…


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