Hello everybody,

Hello everybody,
  it is amazing to see so many people want to use Friends+Me.  

I am afraid we got into a trouble. There is so many new users and so fast that Friends+Me have run out of Google+ API daily limit. I’ve sent request to increase that limit almost 9 days ago and yesterday twice, but still no answer.

If you know someone from Google who can speed up processing of our quota request, it would be most appreciate if you contact them.

Again I am very sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you’ll give Friends+Me another try after quota limit problem will be solved.

Thank you all.

PS. To process all new users (with current Google+ API daily limit) we had to increase interval between reposts to 30 minutes. This way the service will not simply stop, but will perform it’s function (only a little slower).

80 thoughts on “Hello everybody,

  1. Greig McKean I was using the hash tag method but it was posting everything aside from the ones so I stopped using #fs. It may have just started working correctly.


  2. Greig McKean with my initial use it was just posting everything even with the hash tag method so I started using the tag. I’ll switch to default and see how that goes.


  3. Greg Hortin that’s the problem, if you had default networks set to hashtag only than it was not reposted because you have not used #ft  or you’ve used


  4. Thanks Kent Dodds Still nothing new. Yesterday Google people told me they have to review Friends+Me app to approve higher limit. I don’t know what kind of review are they doing, but they are pretty slow.)


  5. Just wanted to add my +1. Really impressed with this tool. The 30 minute delay isn’t a big issue for most of my posts. Hoping that you get the API issue resolved soon & I’ll highly recommend Friends+Me to all my contacts.


  6. Is this the reason why posts to google + page doesn’t automatically send to facebook page right now? Friends+Me


  7. My Posts aren’t going to Facebook period 😦 all the settings are correct, worked the first day, about a week ago, nothing since then.


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