9 thoughts on “Landing page is redesigned. Do you like it? I know I do :)

  1. Saurabh Gupta oh my, I’ve already changed color of that icon to blue so it blends better to the Facebook page. It’s almost invisible now. How can it get better?


  2. I believe a good idea would be to contact some tech news websites and inform them about your web app and how it is different from other services or from browser extension based solutions and how it works. That might help to create more awareness.

    Maybe also try to post about trending topics so that people notice you guys more often.

    Personally I really appreciate that you guys made changes to the icon colour so that it blends nicely with facebook but I might not use it very frequently just because I don’t want a heart attached to my every post on facebook. I don’t think a lot of people might even have problems with that and it’s just my personal preference. Keep up the good work!


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