33 thoughts on “http://www.friendsplus.me/blog/it-is-awaking

  1. Testing now – it seems to work great! 🙂
    Still not perfect for images, but it feels good to be able to keep those ‘other’ accounts alive. :p


  2. I noticed that when sharing a post, there is no indication of where the shared post starts – it looks like I wrote the whole post when I just added a two line comment at the top. 🙂
    A small nitpick.


  3. I know it’s a work in progress – early access and all – so I’ll just throw in a complaint more! 😛 -> you’re planning to include the original poster too?

    Great work btw – I can live with the initial quirks! 🙂


  4. Hi Andy Wood thanks for your interest. I have a plan to implement reposting to FB page in near future. Also reposting not only from personal public Google+ feed but also from Google+ page feed.


  5. Well Jacob Moen it looks like Facebook have decided that you are posting too much to your feed and started to return an error “(#341) Feed action request limit reached” on every repost. Please try to disconnect your Facebook account in your Friends+Me dashboard and connect again. This may help as it will generate new access token. I will try to solve this issuer as fast as possible, but it may take some time. Thank you in advance for your patience.


  6. I am wondering..
    If I make 2 or 3 posts (shares included) within the 5 minute time frame, would it trigger a service error when Friends+Me sends them all off to Facebook at the same time?

    If so, then it could perhaps en-queue the additional posts to be sent in later 5 minute interval slots?


  7. Jacob Moen I’ve made some modifications in Facebook reposting code. Could you please give it a try? Hope this will fix problem with reposting to your Facebook account.


  8. Hi Andy Wood yes it was intentional. There was problem with reposting too many posts to FB feed and this change fixed the problem. But i’am thinking to leave the previous version of picture repost and in case of problem automatically fallback to this new version of sending pictures as links. It will work per account, so for accounts with not very high traffic the fallback will never kick in. Hope this will help.


  9. Andy Wood you are right. This is the best form of photo repost I was able get from Facebook. But at least the post is linked to g+ photo and not the photo file.)


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